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On trend: Library Ladders

Style + Function – why library ladders are more popular than ever

‘Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’

William Morris

The past year has seen a huge rise in home decoration projects and our collective passion for interiors shows no signs of waning any time soon. Our inner home-maker is ingrained in us and ‘feathering our nest’ is part of creating a safe space where we can be our best selves. Covid 19 has shown this to be more important than almost anything else.

We also love interiors because it combines both practicality with style and the chance to add our own personal flourishes. Think of decorative lighting, textiles, soft furnishings, rugs, cabinetry – all of which are necessary for practical purposes in our everyday lives….but should also be stylish. As William Morris says, make sure everything you own is useful and beautiful.

Image c/o Edward Seago

Which is why library ladders are more popular than ever. They burst back into our interiors consciousness around four years ago, becoming an instant hit. But far from being a fleeting trend, savvy homeowners are realising their value in almost every room in the house. And the best bit? You’ll have so much more storage in your home with floor to ceiling fitted cupboards, shelving units and bookshelves with the added ability to reach those elusive top shelves.

We have sold library ladders, full rolling library ladders, hook over library ladders, corner rolling library ladders for a whole variety of spaces, there’s almost nowhere in the home where a library ladder doesn’t benefit your design….

So much more than just a ladder….

  1. Quiet Glide – ergonomically designed with patented technology to glide smoothly and quietly along a rail.
  2. Highest quality – our library ladders are made to the highest quality standards, from the handrails to the machined parts, all manufactured by American craftsmen. The rails themselves are not hollow and are made from solid extruded aluminium to the highest specification.
  3. Safety – Quiet Glide products have been tested through 100,000 cycle checks to ensure the technology can withstand a lifetime of use. You need to feel as safe as possible when climbing your ladder and that’s why the rolling wheels at the bottom of the ladder have all got an in-built brake that automatically applies when you mount the ladder.
  4. Stowaway – our library ladders can be neatly stored in a vertical position so that they don’t get in the way when not in use. This clever slider is built into the same mechanisms at the top of the ladder.
  5. Bespoke height library ladders – we sell a range of standard height library ladders, but if those don’t work for your needs, let us know your rail mount height and we can make a custom height ladder for you.
  6. Bespoke finish – our solid wood ladders are available in Red Oak or Walnut and arrive unassembled so that you can paint, stain or lacquer them to suit your scheme.
  7. Flexibility – there are so many uses for a ladder from high up storage in kitchens to sweeping bookcases. That’s why there are interchangeable hardware and ladder options to suit your style, home and practical needs.

A library ladder for every room in your home….


Whether you’re considering a library for housing your family collection of books, childrens books in a playroom or cookbooks in the kitchen, library ladders enable you to build right up to the ceiling for maximum shelving capacity. With the new work from home trend set to continue, libraries are now being incorporated into home office spaces re-purposed for filing and decorative collections. Sweeping hallway? Add floor to ceiling bookshelves to add drama and depth.

Image c/o Clive Anderson furniture


Have you maximised your kitchen storage? Library ladders are fast becoming the must-have style statement in every kitchen adding both practicality and style. Choose either our hook over or rolling library ladder which will quietly glide along shelving and cupboard walls and can be neatly stored away vertically when not in use.

Image c/o Dorans Kitchens


Larders were one of the most popular additions to lockdown interior design projects and are easily created using one of our sliding barn door kits. But don’t scrimp on your larder design – use a bold paint colour and the highest quality accessories you can afford, including a library ladder. Our solid oak or walnut ladders arrive raw so that you can paint them to match your scheme or stick to a natural finish.


Bootrooms are often overlooked as a luxury space in our homes but we all recognise the practicality of a dedicated coats, boots, pets room. Not only does it keep all the mud and fur contained it provides an opportunity to organise rugby boots, wellies, umbrellas and leads on pegs and footlockers. By using the full height of your ceiling, accessed by a library ladder, you will be able to add piles of hats to those top shelves.

Image c/o Studio Duggan

Childrens bedrooms and playrooms

Designing a childrens bedroom or playroom allows you to have some fun. Add colour, pattern and plenty of storage to hide all that lego away. Consider built-in cupboards with interior doors painted in zingy primary or neon shades. Floating shelves provide space for toy collections and pegs can be hung with rucksacks, teddies and painting aprons. Your children will love their new library ladder for sliding up and down the rails and searching for Buzz Lightyear. Why not paint the rails in mismatching colours?

Dressing Room

Along with bootrooms and larders, dressing rooms were the luxury home improvement of choice! Most of us can agree that we would benefit from a dressing room to better organise our clothes, shoes and accessories. It’s a luxury we think we can’t afford….but it’s much easier to design than you think. Partition off a space using our sliding barn door or bi-folding barn door kits. Spend your budget on built in cabinetry with a library ladder to access top shelves.

Image c/o Lara Clarke Interiors

Wine Cellar

A well-designed wine store is the kind of luxury you deserve in your home! Wine storage can be easily incorporated into your built-in shelving unit and will cost you less than a wine fridge! It creates a visual focal point, particularly when lit with hidden led uplighting. We have sold many full rolling library ladders to be used with wine racks over the years to great effect.


Do you work from home? Most of us do, at least part-time and the numbers are growing year on year. In any case, we all need home offices these days, so why not invest in a design that stands the test of time and is both practical and stylish. In terms of adding value to your property it’s a no-brainer. Open shelving, built-in cupboards, bespoke joinery or sweeping curved bookcases ~ all will benefit from hook over or rolling library ladders. Standard height doesn’t work? Let us quote for a bespoke height library ladder to suit your requirements.

Extra bedroom

Consider adding a mezzanine level and introducing an extra bedroom to add value and maximise space. Climbing up and into your bed at night is both fun and achingly cool ~ you or your teenager will love the quirky addition of a library ladder to your home. Don’t worry about safety ~ our ladders are designed with a built-in brake that automatically applies when you mount the ladder.

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